Protect your future by hiring a top-rated divorce attorney in Riverview FL


When a divorce involves two individuals who have amassed large amounts of wealth, it can be challenging to determine what is fair and equitable. Adding in the complexities that accompany high net worth divorce cases only exacerbates this issue. And this complete process is often time stressful. Myrthil’s Law can counsel you through your high asset divorce in Riverview, FL. Especially having to go through an emotional situation and handling the settlements is not very comprehensible for one concurrently. This is often the time to hire an experienced professional on high asset divorce in Riverview, FL.

The divorce process in Florida utilizes the equitable distribution of assets. Throughout the legal process, the attorney should maintain excellent communication and work closely with the client and other forensic accountants to safeguard the assets and do investigative work. Discovering the assets and valuation process can be tiring in a high asset divorce in Riverview, FL. You should consult a qualified attorney experienced with high asset divorce in Riverview, FL, and one who will work diligently with you to protect your financial and emotional investments.


A high Asset Divorce proceeding may include


Child Custody and Visitation: Visitation is typically the right given to the noncustodial parent to visit the child when the child is with the other parent, who is the sole guardian. Getting the support of an attorney experienced with high asset divorce in Riverview, FL, will be in your favor to secure the future of your relationship with your children. Visitation will specify a schedule with the dates, times, and location that will allow the noncustodial parent to see the child.

Child Relocation: As a separated or a divorced parent, moving into a different city is a process of its own. After the divorce, if you have custody of a child from that marriage, moving to a new city or a state will be a complicated process. This is also an outcome of a divorce proceeding also, why you would need to consider getting the service of an expert attorney experienced with high asset divorce in Riverview, FL.

Division of Assets and Property: In other terms, equitable distribution of assets is the most common factor in a high asset divorce in Riverview, FL. This is also when the division of property and obligations are done during a high asset divorce in Riverview, FL. This might be done in agreement at times, or often through a settlement or by Judicial decree.

Alimony: Also known as spousal support, one spouse must pay the other spouse for their financial support through a period stated from the divorce settlement. This often is a monthly payment but can also be a lump sum. To guide you through with your best interest in mind is what Luby Myrthil can offer on your high asset divorce in Riverview, FL.

Myrthil’s Law P.A has years of experience handling complex divorces involving high net worth individuals and families with valuable assets to protect from division during the process. Our firm brings extensive knowledge of family law and considerable expertise within this niche area to ensure our clients receive an appropriate settlement without having to go through protracted litigation processes that can last months or even years before a final resolution is reached. We understand how important your case is both personally and financially, so we will fight diligently on your behalf while ensuring you’re treated fairly throughout the entire process as an experienced attorney for high asset divorce in Riverview, FL.