Medical directives are often referred to by another name: advance directives.  An advance directive states your instructions for how future, medically-related decisions should be made.  You will need this type of planning for those times in life when you are either too old, too ill, or another scenario occurs, and it becomes too difficult or impossible to make such decisions on your own.

Why Do You Need to Provide a Medical Directive?

In life, there is always a danger that you could become terminally ill or become unconscious for a long period, permanently, or unable to make health decisions for yourself.  If so, then you will need the Medical Directive document to ensure your preferred healthcare plan will be implemented; to make sure all your preferences will be maintained and respected.

A medical directive is simply a communication tool so your family members can feel confident in making decisions for you in the event of a health issue.  Hard-to-make medical decisions, life-sustaining hospital procedures—all need a plan, made in advance, to ensure you receive the treatment you would want when you are unable to make such choices.  Often, doctors rely on these documents to make key decisions that reflect your wishes, given the medical situation you are in.

What Role Can an Attorney Play?

Our attorney at Myrthil’s Law, P.A. will be happy to assist you in obtaining or creating the necessary forms for you complete.

Legal assistance, such as from an attorney from Myrthil’s Law, P.A. provides, can be vital.  There are tricky situations that often arise when it comes to dealing with hospitals and other health-related scenarios.  Here is where a qualified, experienced attorney can help you navigate these situations.  Attorney Luby Myrthil has seen many situations and how those affected their clients.  Our experienced staff will help you size up the risk involved with various scenarios, tackle those possible situations with a sound plan, and feel the peace that comes with knowing you are ready for various outcomes to your health.  Hopefully, many of the decisions your friends, family or doctors might have to make won’t come to fruition. However, life can be unpredictable and Myrthil’s Law, P.A. team is ready to help you get through those times, competently!

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