Attorney Luby Myrthil has been practicing family law since 2012 and has seen the law change for the better, to focus on what is best for the child and the family as a whole. As an advocate for that change, Luby Myrthil, P.A. is neither focused on father’s rights or mother’s rights but rather concentrates on the child’s right to access both parents. Her goal is to help families reduce the stressful impact a divorce can have, especially when children are involved, while still protecting her client’s rights and to provide guidance on decisions that can impact her clients in the long run.

In her career, Luby Myrthil, P.A. has gained experience and insightful knowledge to many types of divorces: contested and uncontested divorces, high conflict divorces, and divorcing an abusive partner. No single case is the same and every case gets her undivided attention and focus.

Myrthil’s Law, P.A. can also provide legal aid to those post-divorce who are seeking modifications to their current court order as well as assisting unwed parents resolve time sharing and parental responsibility matters.

Myrthil's Law Probate Administration, Brandon, FL
Probate Administration, Brandon, FL

A firm like Myrthil’s Law, P.A. can help a person tremendously in grasping the intricacies of Florida’s family law system. Attorney Luby Myrthil believes in making families whole, even when apart. She strives to ensure equitable arrangements between spouses, more so when children are involved.

Family Law is a vast area of law ranging from divorce and child support modifications to adoption and guardianships. Myrthil’s Law, P.A. handles the following type of Family Law cases:

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