When a situation arises that requires the placement of a child with a relative, Myrthil’s Law, P.A. can aid in the legal process for a grandparent or other relative to adopt the child. We also happily assist in the stepparent adoption process, helping make the process as easy as possible for your family and encourage a seamless transition of parental rights.

Quality Legal Representation at Affordable Price

Our service is available to provide you quality adoption services in an approachable and supportive manner. We know how daunting the adoption process can seem and we are here to assist you in all matters regarding an adoption.

If you are considering adoption, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Types of Adoptions We Can Help You With

Myrthil’s Law, P.A. assists in many types of familial adoptions in Florida. We have years of experience to help you through the process of keeping your family together with relative adoptions or helping you make your family feel complete with stepparent adoptions. Follow the link(s) below for more information about the adoption services we provide:

Our Adoption Legal Services

We can provide you with various adoption services such as:

  • Devising a well-structured plan for adoption.
  • Providing all vital and required legal services to complete the adoption process.
  • Rendering the legal services to transfer the parental rights of the birth parents to the adopting parent/family members.

The adoption process can be a complicated matter. With our knowledge, we offer you our services to have a quality representation at an affordable rate.

An Advocate for Legal Adoptions in Florida

Myrthil’s Law, P.A. has only one goal in our adoption legal services and that is to help you on a successful adoption process. With our lawyer, you can benefit from extensive legal advice, as well as handling all of the paperwork and legal requirements.

As your advocate, our concern is to ensure the success of the child’s adoption within your family and to provide you with affordable legal services.

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