Sometimes, as people go through a divorce they make an agreement they can’t live with later; life happens and their situation changes. For this reason, divorce agreements often need to be modified to meet the needs of both parties, or at least one ex-spouse.  If one or both sides can show a true need for modification to support the best interests of all involved, family law allows for such modifications to be requested.

Here are some aspects of the previous agreement that may need to be altered and agreed upon by both parties:

Time Sharing

Terms of the Time Sharing Agreement May Need Updated

If some altering of the original terms are necessary, both parties are encouraged to amiably work together to establish new arrangements without having to involve the courts.  For example, if the two parents were assigned to equal time with a toddler, the two could agree to modify the terms once the child was old enough to attend school.  This is a common case where conditions need to be modified, by agreement of both parties, for the good of the child involved. In cases where both parties cannot agree, or if allowances for modifications are not outlined in the order, the court may decide what changes should be allowed that benefit the child most. To request a post-modification, there has to be a material, unanticipated, and substantial change in circumstance.

Having the assistance of a family law attorney familiar with time sharing modifications can be vital to your case and protecting your rights as a parent.

Child Support

Financial Situations May Require Changes to Support Order

Financially driven reasons are usually the most common cause for modifying a child support order. One ex-spouse could begin to earn more income or the other could suffer a job loss.  Or, the cost to fulfill the needs of the child may increase. Again, the courts prefer the two parents work with each other for the good of everyone involved; however, enlisting the help of a child support lawyer to request a court-ordered modification to your support order may be necessary to get the changes you need.

Spousal Support

Life Changes Could Impact Spousal Payments

Before you can file to modify spousal support in Florida, you must first be experiencing a “substantial change in circumstances.” The the qualifying event or change must have been material, unanticipated, and substantial from when the original agreement was established. A family law attorney familiar with spousal support modifications can provide valuable insight into modification qualifications and aid in filing—and representing—your substantial change in circumstance.

Top Family Law Post Modifications Attorney In Tampa

If you need to discuss possible adjustments to your original agreement, our attorney, Luby Myrthil, can help you navigate the family laws you will be faced with. Post-divorce modifications for child support, time sharing, or spousal support don’t always require the need of a family law attorney, but when it does, Myrthil’s Law, P.A. is available to help you navigate the legal requirements and safeguard your rights and best interests.

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