In the process of separation, a number of vital issues will arise.  Among them is the matter of supporting a spouse who presumably needs help from the separating partner.  The technical definition of spousal support is this: money one spouse pays to the other during a divorce and then pays for a prescribed time following the divorce.

In most cases the higher earning individual is called on to provide support for the lower-earning spouse after the divorce is finalized.  In Florida, spousal support involves four things you should be aware of.

Spousal Support Can Be Temporary

There can be many reasons for a temporary order of support. A judge may order continuing support to be paid while one spouse locates a full-time job during the divorce process, for a specific number or years, or to terminate upon moving in with a partner or getting remarried.

Spousal Support Is Not Mandated In Every Divorce

Courts will assess whether one spouse can demonstrate the need for support from the other person—and if the other spouse has the ability to pay spousal support. The court may find no real need for support to be ordered, holding both sides accountable to produce their own income. A prenuptial agreement may also dictate if spousal support will be granted.

Spousal Support Can Be Modified

Of course, modifications can be made to the spousal support agreement. In order for a modification of support to be granted, there must be a “significant change in circumstance.”

Length Of Marriage Plays A Role

The length of your marriage is taken into account when the court assesses the implementation of spousal support. In Florida, this becomes an important factor in determining whether you are eligible for spousal support, how much may be granted, and for how long the payments are required.

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There are things you’ll need to know about spousal support only an experienced attorney will know.  Their knowledge will properly equip you to utilize the court system, handle the demands of a spouse in a divorce situation, and any other unforeseen issues that could arise.  Myrthil’s Law, P.A. is only a phone call away, and we offer the legal experience to help you understand how spousal support works in Florida.

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