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Every parent has the responsibility to protect and support their child’s welfare until they are old enough to make their own way in the world. In the case of separated or unmarried parents, however, issues regarding child support may arise along the way.

The goal of child support is to divide financial responsibilities between parents. It covers the costs of necessities for children, such as food, shelter, clothing, and education. Although child support laws are straightforward, finding an experienced attorney can make a difference in enforcing child support and navigating the intricacies of the legal system.

Myrthil’s Law, P. A. has dealt with numerous child support cases during the dissolution of marriage or even between unwed parents who want to protect their children’s rights and interests. With our strong understanding of child support laws, we provide exceptional legal guidance and representation to safeguard your children’s wellbeing, regardless of the circumstances.

Why Hire a Trusted Family
Lawyer for Child Support

As parents transition into co-parenting after separation or divorce, child support plays a vital role in promoting a sense of normality after such family changes. It is thus crucial to work with a trusted family law attorney who can help you reach the best settlement agreement for your children’s best interest. A child support lawyer can:

1. Protect Your Children's Upbringing

Child support provides an avenue to ensure that parents are responsible for their children’s development. While the court is willing to consider both parents’ unique situations, it has the final say regarding how each parent will manage child support, depending on their income and parenting time.

With their extensive knowledge of state laws, child support attorneys see to it that arrangements between parents uphold the children’s quality of life. They develop effective plans for the responsible use of funds and ensure that the money is allocated for the children’s basic needs first and foremost.

2. Ensure Fair Allocation of Child Support

In specific parenting arrangements, child support payment is calculated using different approaches, primarily relying on salary and income tax returns. Calculating the correct amount for child support can be complex, especially if one parent is self-employed or part of a corporation.

Child support lawyers consider the client’s financial situation and calculate the actual costs of the child’s healthcare, education, and other basic needs. They ensure an equitable division of child support and responsibilities so that both parents carry the same bulk of financial weight for their child’s upbringing.

3. Enforce Child Support in Case of Contempt

If one parent refuses to pay child support, the other party has the right to enforce payment through court trials. During this situation, a child support attorney has the expertise to provide legal guidance and representation to clients drafting and filing an order.

Once the order reaches the court of justice, the accused parents are obliged to fulfill their child support obligations, or they will be considered in contempt of the court.  Family law attorneys ensure that the proper steps are taken when enforcing court orders as well as resolving disputes as quickly as possible.

Child Support FAQs

1. How to determine child support payment cost?

The State of Florida follows a formula known as the Florida Child Support Guidelines to determine the total amount of support needed for the care of the children. This formula considers each parent’s income, number of children, and the costs associated with raising the child (e.g., medical costs, daycare, etc.).

Child support is usually assigned to the parent who makes more money or who has the child for less time throughout the year—since they have fewer child-related expenses in their home.

2. Can I make changes to child support payments?

Florida law permits the amendment of child support payment due to a substantial change in circumstances—financial or otherwise. In such a case that one parent might experience a change in income, the court has the authority to modify and adjust the support payments to reflect the filed changes.

3. Are child support tax deductible?

According to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), child support payments are not taxable and should not be included when calculating the receiver’s gross income. Likewise, Florida law states that child support payments are neither taxed by the state nor tax-deductible.

4. How to receive the child support payments?

Through the Child Support Program initiated by the Department of Revenue in Florida, residents or parents can receive child support payments via smiONE™ Visa® Prepaid Card or directly transfer them to their checking or savings account. For more information regarding the electronic disbursement of child support payments, you can visit FL DOR Receive Child Support Payments.

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Myrthil’s Law, P. A. helps alleviate the financial weight that single parents carry after divorce or separation. With our depth of experience handling numerous child support cases, we help our clients reach the best agreement that protects their rights as well as considers their children’s best interests.

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