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Most people think that estate planning is the process of preparing the tasks that serve to manage a person’s assets upon their death or incapacitation. Planning how to distribute your assets is indeed a major part of estate planning, but there’s more to it than this important aspect.

With estate planning, you can also determine an appropriate guardian for your children, especially if they’re minors, should the need arise. It also involves planning how your financial, legal, and healthcare affairs will be managed if you become permanently or temporarily disabled.

At Myrthil’s Law, P. A., we provide comprehensive estate planning in Tampa, FL. We understand that it’s essential to approach this process with care since it’s a complex area to address, so we’re here to help. Working with our estate planning attorney means having the right arrangements in place.

Why Hire an Estate Planning Attorney

During the span of your life, it becomes important for you to plan out what will happen to everything you own once you die. Your accounts, your debts, and your properties need a destination. Who will receive what you worked for all your life? Will it be divided among several beneficiaries or just go to one significant other or close relative? This is all part of estate planning.

At Myrthil’s Law, P. A., we believe that there can be any number of complexities to work out when properly developing an estate plan in the state of Florida. Although the ultimate decisions will be made by you in the process, an experienced attorney becomes important to help you sort out the estate planning documents you will encounter.

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Here are some benefits you can get when you hire an estate planning attorney in Tampa:

1. Informed Legal Advice

You might think that a trust or will cover your bases with a plan for all your assets. However, this isn’t always the case. There are still some accounts that require special handling or independent beneficiary designations.

With our Tampa estate planning attorney, you get assistance when conducting an in-depth review of your properties. We can help you determine which items require special language and ensure that beneficiaries are adjusted across the board.

2. Legal Compliance

Estate planning laws are exceptionally complex, and they’re constantly evolving. While there are do-it-yourself options that provide you with all the instructions needed to complete the required documents, they leave a margin for error.

Our estate planning attorney is here to help ensure that you prepare documents that comply with Florida Laws and Regulations. We always monitor the changes in the laws for complete adherence in terms of the phrasing and structure of your documents.

3. Objectivity

Preparing an estate plan can be an emotional process. It can be hard to develop the best plan due to family dynamics. Our estate planning attorney in Tampa can serve as an extra voice of reason to help you with your current and future needs.

We believe that it pays to plan ahead, and we’re here to help you. During this emotional and complex process, we can provide you with unbiased and direct answers to help you protect your assets and family down the road.

How Myrthil's Law, P. A.
Can Help

Myrthil’s Law, P. A. has been a trusted Tampa estate planning law firm since 2017. Our practitioner, Luby Myrthil, was admitted to Florida Bar in 2012 and has extensive experience navigating the legal system. Aside from estate planning, she also focuses on family law, probate, and personal injury.

We understand that outlining instructions for your care and having an estate plan can help minimize stress and uncertainty for your family. Our team’s here to help you achieve your individual purposes and goals in the best way possible. We can help you prepare the following estate planning documents:

Having our attorney’s assistance with your estate planning can help you accomplish your objectives: stating your wishes clearly for relatives and other relevant parties to fully understand, avoiding mistakes and ensuring that your property passes to whom you desire, and minimizing taxes for your beneficiaries.
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