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Myrthil's Law, P. A. provides exceptional legal advice, support, and representation to clients dealing with family law, personal injury, estate planning, and probate cases.

Myrthil’s Law, P. A. is a trusted law firm based in Tampa, Florida. Our sole and founding attorney, Luby Myrthil, has a long and successful history of representing clients going through divorce, adoption, child custody, financial settlement, estate planning, probate, and other family matters.

As your dedicated family law firm, Myrthil’s Law, P. A. resolves conflicts and differences between couples while focusing on their children’s needs and best interests. We devise healthy, constructive, legal strategies to protect the rights and maintain the security of the entire family.

Our team values your and your family’s safety. We also specialize in estate planning and probate cases. Whether drafting wills, managing trusts, or administering estate, our legal services help protect you, your family, and your assets when the time comes. We can also help you with filing a personal injury claim.

How We Started

In 2002, while Luby was studying for college, her father was involved in an accident. To prevent its devastating blow, they ran to Mr. Vincent, who worked tirelessly to defend Luby’s father. During the trial, it was clear that protecting rights was more than just a job for Mr. Vincent. He upheld the integrity of the law with genuine compassion and made Luby’s family feel like his own.

Mr. Vincent’s kindness and compassion shaped Luby into the lawyer she is today. As the second oldest child out of five kids, Luby was introduced to a life of care and responsibility. At a young age, she always knew she wanted to serve the people. Growing up in a Christian home fortified her desire to help those in need with love and compassion. It didn’t take her long to realize that helping others was a responsibility that would one day become her career.

Driven by her willingness to help others, she pursued medicine until she discovered that it was not the right path for her. She switched her major and went to practice law. Her passion for service and growing reputation as a fierce opponent in any argument made it evident that practicing law is the best decision for her future.

After earning her law degree from Stetson College of Law in 2011 and being admitted to the Florida Bar in 2012, she started practicing law at St. Michael’s Legal Center for Women and Children. Luby decided she wanted to learn more, so she worked as a part-time associate attorney at a law firm specializing in father’s rights.

When her second son, Alexander “Papou” Myrthil, was diagnosed with acute lymphocytic leukemia (ALL) in March 2014, she took some time off from practicing law to care for her son. A year later, she returned, and in 2017, she established her own law firm focusing on family law, estate planning, personal injury, and probate.

Why Choose Us

At Myrthil’s Law, P. A., we understand how emotionally and physically draining it is to navigate the legal system, especially when you are going through sensitive family issues. The stress and baggage alone make anyone feel defeated before they even begin.

Our legal team does not stop in just defending your rights. We provide comprehensive legal advice and direction to help you reach the most appropriate settlement, build yourself up, and plan your children’s future after your case. We make all of this happen through our:

1. Value-Driven Approach

Value for us means results. It means we handle each case efficiently, reduce legal risk creatively, and enhance the outcome of each case with certainty. When you run to our legal team, we want you to be confident that our qualifications, experience, and expertise will lead you to the most favorable resolution possible.

2. Client-Focused Solutions

We understand that our clients go through different experiences and unique cases. We take the time to get to know them and listen to their needs, so we can develop personalized strategies that exceed their expectations. When providing legal services, we ensure that our efforts are rooted in our purpose of service above ourselves.

3. Extensive Legal Expertise

With almost a decade of experience representing and supporting clients in the court, we expanded our expertise beyond family law. Our depth of experience allows us to deliver excellent legal solutions and expertly guide our clients dealing with personal injury, estate planning, and probate cases.

4. Professional Objectivity

While we serve our clients with compassion and empathy, we make sure to tackle each case with an objective mind. We believe that our clients will live with the outcome of their case for years, so we want to ensure informed decision that protects both parties’ rights and considers the entire family’s wellness in the long term.

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