Dissolution of Marriage

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Protect your rights and create a better life for yourself post-marriage with the help of our experienced divorce attorney.

Divorce is not a simple emotional decision that should be taken lightly. Many important things should be considered when legally ending a marital relationship. Some of them are child support, spousal support, property division, custody, and parental arrangements.

Hiring skilled attorneys with a good grasp of divorce can ease the stress and complexities of marriage dissolution. They know very well how the dissolution process can take a toll on both husband’s and wife’s physical and mental well-being, so they help resolve matters as quickly yet thoroughly as possible.

Myrthil’s Law, P. A. provides personalized legal representation and guidance to clients seeking to dissolve their marriage officially. With years of experience handling dissolution and family law cases, our dedicated attorney fights for your rights and ensures a vibrant, trouble-free life for you and your children after your separation.  

Navigating the
Dissolution Process

In Florida, the divorce process is known as a “dissolution of marriage,” which irretrievably closes a marriage. One spouse or the party’s respective attorney must file a petition for dissolution of marriage, including the agreement for property distributions and time-sharing, to obtain a dissolution.

Once both parties reach a settlement agreement, divorce proceedings can be finalized without a trial. The terms of the divorce must be approved by a judge; else, the divorcing spouses must attend mediation. Failure to come to an agreement will force the matters to be settled in court with a contested final hearing.

Generally, the court will require couples to outline their plans for:

1. Asset Distribution

All marital property, including retirement savings, investments, pensions, and other benefits accumulated during the marriage, should be divided equally between spouses after divorce. However, non-marital assets acquired and financial liabilities incurred before marriage should be awarded to the party who owns them.

Understanding which assets you are entitled to can be complicated. Tapping into the expertise of an experienced divorce attorney can help you receive your fair share of your marital assets and ensure that you are not taken advantage of. They can also help grant you a bigger share of the property, if necessary.

2. Spousal Support

In some dissolution cases, the court may require one spouse to pay for spousal support. The amount owed depends on several factors, including the party’s ability to pay, length of the marriage, educational level, ages and health of both parties, family needs, and the number of minor children.

While the purpose of spousal support is to maintain equality between husbands and wives with disparate incomes, it can be challenging to come up with an agreement that is favorable for both parties. This is where the role of divorce attorneys comes into play. Divorce attorneys can clearly explain your legal rights and obligations and help you reach an amicable agreement that considers your best interests.

3. Parenting and Time-Sharing

In the Florida court, divorcing parents are encouraged to attempt to work towards a co-parenting or parallel parenting arrangement. Both parents are given the right to share the joys, rights, and responsibilities of rearing their children and, thus, should have regular, ongoing contact with them.

Divorcing parents must submit to the court a parenting plan that includes:

  • how each parent will participate in raising their children;
  • their time-sharing or visitation schedule;
  • designations for who oversees medical care, decisions regarding education, or other child-rearing concerns; and
  • how the parents will continue to communicate with their child.

One of the ultimate goals of divorce lawyers is to maintain and strengthen the bond between parents and children even after separation. They provide flexible and accommodating solutions that work for each parent’s unique situation. They create custody arrangements that help parents plan a brighter future for their children.

How Myrthil's Law, P. A.
Can Help

A divorce is an unexpected event that can be emotionally complex and challenging. Our competent and aggressive divorce attorney at Myrthil’s Law, P. A. is here to fight for your rights and help you work through every process of divorce proceedings—from filing petitions to outlining divorce plans to reaching favorable agreements.

Our years of experience and holistic approach to cases allow us to understand your needs on a more personal level. This helps us craft individualized legal strategies that ensure an outcome that defends your rights, prioritizes your spouse’s needs, and protects your children’s future.

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