Paternity and Fathers Rights

Paternity and Father’s Rights Ensure that your father’s rights are not overlooked, ignored, or undermined with the help of an experienced family law attorney. Fathers usually experience unique challenges when it comes to certain family matters, such as custody, adoption, and spousal support. Fortunately, the court recognizes fathers’ essential role in their children’s lives. Today, […]

Time Sharing and Parental Responsibility

Time-Sharing and Parental Responsibility Foster stronger bonds with your children even through divorce. Divorce or separation puts pressure on everyone involved, most especially the children. Regardless of age, it can be stressful and confusing for them to witness the dissolution of their parent’s marriage—the only way to make it easy for them to navigate these […]

Spousal Support

Spousal Support Receive fair and adequate financial support to rebuild your life after divorce. Married couples have an obligation to be financially responsible to and for each other. However, even when the marriage has already lasted, the court may order continued spousal obligations to facilitate financial independence and self-sustenance following divorce. Dealing with the effects […]

Post Modifications

Post Modifications Let experienced post-modification attorneys revise your parenting plan to reflect your changing family needs. Parenting plans set after separation or divorce should represent the lives, needs, and interests of both spouses and their children. However, over time, certain circumstances may change the parents’ ability to provide child and spousal support as well as […]

Dissolution of Marriage

Dissolution of Marriage Protect your rights and create a better life for yourself post-marriage with the help of our experienced divorce attorney. Divorce is not a simple emotional decision that should be taken lightly. Many important things should be considered when legally ending a marital relationship. Some of them are child support, spousal support, property […]

Contempt and Enforcement

Contempt and Enforcement Fight to protect your rights and ensure that your court order is followed and enforced appropriately. Court orders and settlement agreements that cover visitation, child support, or parenting time have the force of the law behind them. Except in reasonable circumstances, all parties involved are bound by the ruling and should adhere […]

Child Support

Child Support Take responsible steps to support your child’s growth and future by working with our child support attorney. Every parent has the responsibility to protect and support their child’s welfare until they are old enough to make their own way in the world. In the case of separated or unmarried parents, however, issues regarding […]


Adoptions Ensure a smoother and faster transition of parental rights when you trust our dedicated adoption attorney. Whether you are planning to adopt your relative’s child, your new spouse’s child, or the child you have fostered for years, adding new members to your family and finally legalizing your relationship with them is truly exciting. It […]