Personal Injury

Personal Injury Ensure a successful personal injury lawsuit with the help of our well-experienced attorney. Personal injury occurs when an individual suffers from any physical, emotional, or psychological injury. According to Florida Laws and Regulations, it’s considered personal injury if it occurs to the individual’s body, emotion, or mind rather than to their property. A […]


Probate Tampa FL Get top-notch legal advice and representation when navigating probate in Tampa. Probate is a court-supervised process that involves gathering a decedent’s assets, paying the debts belonging to the decedent, and handling the distribution of assets to their beneficiaries. This process can be complex and time-consuming, so it’s best to have an estate […]

Estate Planning

Estate Planning Tampa FL Get full access to comprehensive estate planning in Tampa, FL, with legal services from Myrthil’s Law, P. A. Most people think that estate planning is the process of preparing the tasks that serve to manage a person’s assets upon their death or incapacitation. Planning how to distribute your assets is indeed […]

Family Law

Family Law Tampa Safeguard your family’s rights and future with the help of a dedicated attorney specializing in family law in Tampa. Relationship breakdowns and family crises can potentially change individuals’ lives and relationships at the most fundamental level. Not only that, marriage dissolution, child custody, and other legal family matters are filled with uncertainties […]