Attempting to Co-parent with a Narcissist or High-Conflict Ex-Spouse

Attempting to co-parent with your narcissistic, personality disordered, or other generally “high conflict” ex-spouse can feel like a never-ending nightmare. If you thought the divorce was bad, trying to raise your children with a high-conflict prone individual will be far worse, although not completely impossible. It is important to recognize if you are divorcing an […]

A Distinction Between A Trust And A Will

When an estate reaches the time when it must pass from owner to heirs, or beneficiaries, it generally goes through a legal process known as probate. Most estates, even those with a will are required to pass through probate. However, a Florida living trust (or a revocable trust) does not need to go through probate […]

Four Essentials of Estate Planning

The essence of planning out your estate lies in a simple desire: to protect your assets and the items you value. Estate planning, then, means the proper preparation of a person’s wealth—mainly assets—for transfer to someone, or others (relatives), following a person’s death. What is Included in Estate Planning? Estate planning generally involves deciding how […]